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Happy 2020! My birthday was January 5, and to celebrate, I’m giving YOU a present (on January 7 – 14). All of the kindle-versions of the Heirs to Camelot series are just 99¢!

Here are the links so you can pick up your copies:

The Midsummer Wife (Book 1)





The Solstice Bride (Book 2)





The Priestess of Camelot (prequel)






I’ve had 2 terrific reviews for the latest book in the series, The Solstice Bride. The 4 star review from the Paranormal Romance Guild said in part,

Ravenna, daughter of Morgaine, is one of my favorite characters. She is smart and strong in her own right. When combined with Falke Drunemeton, they are quite the formidable pair. The strength of this series is most definitely the characters. They are so easy to invest in as a reader and they are so multidimensional. There is not a wasted word in the narrative either. This series seriously keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

And a very nice review from The Bibliophage (my kind of girl!). She said in part:

I hope Simonds can gain some traction as an author. She’s at least as good, if not better, than some fantasy authors already getting big book deals. So, if you love Arthurian legends, you should check her out. If you enjoy a good urban fantasy, with resisters fighting a larger evil, this is also a series worth starting.

I’ve been busy on all fronts. I had a very fun live interview on the Pop Culture Kaboom radio show on knvc.org  Dec 22. I did a signing on November 30th at Barnes & Noble, too.

Lastly, the final book in the series, Mistress of the Rose Moon is with the beta reader now. I am aiming at a mid-year publishing date.

That’s all for now, and thanks for your support!


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