The Priestess of Camelot Receives 5 Star Review

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Exciting news! I received a 5 star review for THE PRIESTESS OF CAMELOT from the Paranormal Romance Review team (if you don’t follow this blog, and you like paranormal tales, drop everything and go). They kindly gave THE MIDSUMMER WIFE a 4 star last year, but PoC really did it for them, as you’ll see below.

Wow. Ok. I read the first book in this series, and it was good. But this prequel is outstanding. I wish I had read this first to be honest. From the first sentence Simonds pulls you into a fantastic narrative. The characters are well rounded and the adventures that ensue are intriguing and fun to follow. This book follows the life of Anya, a young girl who is chosen by the Goddess. Her life intertwines with Arthur and Merlin and all the stories surrounding Avalon and Camelot. Seeing the story of their lives in this new way is both new and sentimental for fans of Arthurian legends. Simonds so cleverly shows the humanity of these legendary people as they make choices that will forever change the world. Simonds touches on everything, from the sword in the stone legend to the quest for the chalice. I definitely recommend reading this prequel before reading Midsummer Wife. The generational responsibilities that are so pivotal in the first book are explained and rooted in much of what happens in the prequel. As such, I am now going to re-read that book. I think I will enjoy it more now that I have all the fascinating detail of this one.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I also received 2 new reviews on Amazon/Goodreads of THE MIDSUMMER WIFE, 1 4 star, one unrated (DNF). As I suspected, few males really get the whole idea of MIDSUMMER. That’s not a guy-slam. It’s just a thing.

I had a fun short interview with Claire Buss over on her blog “But I Don’t Like Salad” 

Oh, yes. I also turned 60 a couple of weeks ago (how’d I get this old?).

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