Book Review: EDGE OF DOOM by E.M. Swift-Hook

The EDGE OF DOOM is the second book in the Haruspex Trilogy, and it’s a doozy! Make sure you read the first book, TRUST A FEW first, as EDGE picks up right where TRUST left off (well, a few months after).

The characters continue to be complex and engrossing. I’m probably more obsessed with Durban—a brilliant alien who just looks like a human criminal mastermind—than with any other character. He is so real you keep expecting him to walk off the page and go fix himself a drink.

The world building continues to be astonishing—mostly because it isn’t just a world, but a complex inter-related set of worlds in a universe teeming with people and ambitions and different goals. You know, a whole lot like Earth, except on a huger stage, with aliens.

But what is EDGE really about? As so many sophomore books in a trilogy, the action is carried from the previous book, but you start getting hints that there’s very much more going on than you thought. So you spend a lot of the time reading the book thinking, where is this going?

I promise you, you’ll want to go too. And you’ll be like me, impatient for the next—and final—installment!


Disclosure: I was a beta-reader for this book

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