“Heirs to Camelot” Ends Run with Strange Fictions Press

A Big Change for The Heirs to Camelot


I was contacted this week by Fawn Neun, my publisher at Strange Fictions Press/Vagabondage Press. Sadly, they are going out of business June 30, 2024.

While rights are reverting to me, we are still negotiating whether the cover images are something I may continue to use.

In the meantime, you can buy the ebooks and paper books at Amazon (see links below). Ebooks are just $.99 – the 3 ebook set is $4.97!

OR you can put your email address in the comments and I can sell you autographed paperback copies of the set (Books 1 -3 & the prequel) for just $40includes shipping in the lower 48 states of America! Order yours today!


The Priestess of Camelot (prequel) 5 Star Reviews

In The Priestess of Camelot, the prequel to the series, Anya, a pagan priestess of the Nordic Rus tribes, leaves her home country and arrives in Britain. There, she joins the sisterhood of Avalon, headed by the scheming Morgaine.

When Anya runs afoul of the Avalonian high priestess she is sent to Camelot to spy on the court while acting as healer. But there, she falls in love with the High Druid, Merlin, and King Arthur, bearing sons to both of the great men of her time.

After losing both of the men she loves to Morgaine’s treachery, she embarks on a plan that unfolds over the next 1,500 years to return Goddess worship to the island nation and save it from a danger Anya can see but cannot understand.

The Priestess of Camelot is the prelude to the Heirs to Camelot series, and sure to thrill fans of Arthurian lore.

Reviews: “Drawing on the rich panoply of British history, myths and legends, The Priestess of Camelot weaves its tapestry from threads of traditional tales and imaginative fiction. [The book blends] Celtic mystery, magic, romance, and spiritual growth, with dark-age dangers, intrigue, and lust for revenge. A unique and refreshing take on the Arthurian story. Follow it with your heart.” ~ E.M. Swift-Hook, co-author of the Dai and Julia alternate history mysteries.

“From the first sentence Simonds pulls you into a fantastic narrative.” ~ Melissa Brus, Paranormal Romance Review – 5 STARS Nominated for 2019 Paranormal Romance Review Reviewer’s Choice Awards

[The Priestess of Camelot] is another engaging, enjoyable, and easy read. Simonds’ presentation is confident and consistent. Trying this book could well launch you into many hours of follow-up entertainment from a new favourite author. ~Norman Turrell, internet reviewer.


The Midsummer Wife (Book 1) 4 Star Reviews

In The Midsummer Wife the 1st book in the series, there has been a nuclear attack on London that heralds The Time Foretold, Ava Cerdwin, the high priestess in charge of fulfilling a 1,500-year-old prophecy, must assist the heirs of King Arthur and Merlin in healing the devastated country.

The descendants of Britain’s great men of legend have kept the myths and relics for sixty-one generations, but no one is quite clear on what they must do next.

Nothing goes as planned: Ava falls for the wrong heir, the panic attacks are getting worse, the complex obligations of reincarnation are straining old relationships, and Morgaine and her henchwomen are trying to kill them.

Somehow, some way, Ava has to make the Healing happen, or Britain is finished.

Reviews: “Sex, magic, and power collide in this [Urban] Fantasy that begins when a devastating terrorist attack on modern London sparks the long-foretold return of King Arthur to heal Britain. Simonds boldly continues the Arthurian saga into the present day, as heirs to Arthur, Merlin, and the woman both men once loved struggle to understand and fulfill their destinies and outwit the sinister agenda of the sorceress Morgaine.” ~ Lisa Jensen, author Alias Hook and Beast: A Love Story

“Imaginative, mesmerizing, and emotionally complex, Simonds’ unique story boldly expands the Arthurian legend into exciting new territory. The fantastical elements—rituals from old Celtic religions, dark magic, forces of fate—are well drawn and skillfully integrated into a contemporary setting. And then there’s the romance… the palpable chemistry between Ava and Ron (the Arthur heir), complicated by their respective destinies, makes their relationship a riveting read.” ~ Mary Fan, author of StarsweptArtificial Absolutes

The Midsummer Wife is an imaginative, well-written urban fantasy, with a beautiful book cover, and flawed characters who must face their past and come to terms with the truth. [It is] enthralling, with captivating, complex characters you want to succeed.” ~ Books & Pals

“The opening chapter of this book may be one of the best openings I’ve read in a long time. It’s taut, pacy, and introduces us to an assured and determined Ava. Except that’s just a mask – in truth, she’s beset by anxiety and agoraphobia, a fractured soul trying to hide her weaknesses because she knows the fate of the country, perhaps the world, rests on her shoulders.” ~ Altered Instinct blog, 5 STARS


The Solstice Bride (Book 2) 4 Star Reviews

In The Solstice Bride, it’s been twenty years after the Healing that restored Britain following a nuclear attack, but things are not as they should be.
The dark priestess Morgaine has taken over the queen’s body, humiliated the king, and defeated his closest advisor and ally. She’s now the undisputed authoritarian leader of a dystopian nation.
Falke Drunemeton has been in exile, biding his time, and studying the wisdom of the Goddessians. In a desperate mission to restore the rightful ruler, he must convince Morgaine’s daughter, Princess Ravenna, to travel back in time with him to stop her.

As the depravity of Morgaine’s plans unfold, Falke finds himself falling in love with Ravenna. But victory over the monstrous usurper means changing the nation’s fate – along with his own. Will he be able to convince Ravenna to destroy her own mother? And if she does, will he ever forgive himself?

Review: “I enjoyed the heck out of [The Solstice Bride]. I hope Simonds can gain some traction as an author. She’s at least as good, if not better, than some fantasy authors already getting big book deals.” The Bibliophage.


Mistress of the Rose Moon (Book 3 (final)) 5 Star Reviews

In Mistress of the Rose Moon, the final installment of the Heirs to Camelot series, Britain has sustained 27 years of a glorious renaissance: New London is beautiful, the economy is dynamic and fair, a strong King Arthur II and Queen Ava rule and are world leaders. But then the Holy Grail appears, challenging the heirs for the final time.

Initially, all the Heirs – Sibbie, Falke, and Arawn for the Goddess, and William Kasdeya for Adramelech – seem to get along. But as Kasdeya falls further under the Dark Lord’s sway, the trials become more dangerous, and death is a breath away.

Can they get all the keys to the Grail before Midsummer night, or will Kasdeya kill them all and Adramelech will rule the world?

Reviews: [Mistress of the Rose Moon] is written in a gripping style that captures the reader’s attention with its involved and realistic character interactions. It progresses at a steady pace with an ever-building sense of dread, from the enemy within their midst to the potential for the new era being brought crashing down into a world of intolerance and persecution. If you like a book that merges the past and past lives with the plot, and a healthy dose of mystery, suspicion, challenges, and surprises, then this book is worth a read. ~ K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite 5 STARS

Mistress of the Rose Moon is a unique mix of fantasy, Science Fiction, legend and history, magic and ‘reader’s zen,’ as I call it; a wonderful calming story, full of fascination, peace, light and positivity… stirred up with darkness, opposition, evilness, and the fight Good vs. Evil… A well-written and well-told story, and a worthy finale to the series. ~ Paranormal Romance Review 5 STARS


I’m so sorry to see Vagabondage Press close, but I understand nothing is forever.
Look at this amazing deal as we close out the run. And watch for new developments!

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