I am thrilled to report that the Paranormal Romance Guild review site has just bestowed a wonderful 5-star review for MISTRESS OF THE ROSE MOON!

REVIEW : Mistress of The Rose Moon – Heirs to Camelot Series Book #3 – Jacqueline Church Simonds – Paranormal Romance Guild

Here it is (with typos corrected):

Review by Madison Davis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“MISTRESS OF THE ROSE MOON is the third book in the “Heirs To Camelot” series. I haven’t had the chance to read the first two books, but I had to see, that it wasn’t extremely hard to follow the story, in particular being a lover of the Legend of King Arthur.

“In this third book, Queen Ava and King Arthur II are ruling a post-apocalyptic Britain and world and have accomplished an amazing task, by creating a successful, dynamic, and progressing economy, and peace for the world.

“Of course, not everybody is satisfied, though… The prince and princess, Arawn and Sibbie, together with Falke (Daduchus Falke [Drunemeton], whose father was the King’s best friend and advisor), Arawn’s former teacher, and a representative of the opposition, Adramelech, are sent out to find the Holy Grail. The party who can get a hold of the cup, will further rule the world… Arawn, Sibbie and Falke find a powerful ally: [Cafelle], an adept of the [Goddessian’s], whose Hierophant Princess Sibbie is.

“The path to find the grail is magical, dangerous and hindered by darkness and deceitfulness. At this moment, I won’t dive any deeper into the story of the four [Goddessian’s] and their dangerous task, in fear to tell too much. I don’t want to spoil anything to the ones who read the first two books and want to know how the story ends, or the ones who just find out about the series, like I did.

“MISTRESS OF THE ROSE MOON is a unique mix of fantasy, Science Fiction, legend and history, magic and ‘reader’s zen’, as I call it; a wonderful calming story, full of fascination, peace, light and positivity… stirred up with darkness, opposition, evilness, and the fight Good vs. Evil, with a tendency to the Good side being victorious.

“Weren’t we all fascinated by King Arthur, Morgaine, Excalibur, Mordred, [Galahad], Avalon, and so many more? Arthur’s Heir’s lets them come back to us, in fleeting memories, of course, but with as much charm and magic, as we can only dream of.

“As [usual], I decided on my favorite character. I was tempted to pick [Cafelle]… because she’s so unique in her abilities, shyness, and skills… but then I decided on Sibbie. The Hierophant is not only a highly talented magician, she is also a hyper sensitive empath, warm-hearted, and supportive to everyone in her circle, her family, brother, even Falke. The connection between them is deep, and develops within the story.

“One absolutely wonderful teaser is the presence of [Sagacity] and Gally, Falke’s cat and Arawn’s dog. What a lovely addition to the story!

“A well-written and well-told story, and a worthy [finale] to the series. I got lost in the story. Even though it fascinated me, unfortunately I was unable to stay with the book as intensely as I would have wished. But every time I had the chance to read, the story sucked me right back into its depth and let my fantasy run wild.”

Thank you, Madison!

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The publisher is thinking about a boxed set. I hope it comes out soon!

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