Sound the horns! Throw the confetti! Pop the champagne!

That’s right—the final book of my paranormal romance series, Heirs to Camelot is finally out!

It’s got aliens, talking dogs and cats, romance, a Grail Quest, more romance, demons, psychic phenomena of every sort, and ALL THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER you can possibly stand!

May I present to you MISTRESS OF THE ROSE MOON

In this third and final book of the Heirs to Camelot, King Arthur II (Ron) and Queen Ava rule over a thriving rebuilt Britain from their castle in a carbon-neutral New London. Just before the 27th anniversary of The Healing, Daduchus Falke Drunemeton and Sibbie Cerdwen-Steadbye (Hierophant of the Goddessians, and Ron and Ava’s daughter) see a great sign—the Holy Grail! They are commanded to join with the strange leader of the Global Council to Denounce Witchcraft, William Kasdeya, to find the Grail and deliver it to the Sacred Circle on midsummer night. Joined by Sibbie’s brother, Arawn, Cafelle Gough, and later, Vanna Paimon, the questors travel through convoluted extra-dimensional mazes that test their resolve and their sanity acquiring crystalline keys. Slowly, they become aware there is more at stake than a “simple” quest; this is a final battle between the Goddess and Adramelech to control the Earth, and may end with one or all of them dead!

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