Last Book of the Series on the Way!

What I am listening to: Peter Gabriel “Solsbury Hill.” The video is a montage of 40 years of Peter performing this song, and the freaking JOY he and the band have with it.

Just last week, I submitted the last book in the Heirs to Camelot series – MISTRESS OF THE ROSE MOON – to my publisher, Vagabondage Press/Strange Fictions. Their editor will read it and make the usual points about where I’ve dropped a stitch, but I think it’ll come out about mid-year. I am really hoping for a Midsummer Day release, but we’ll see. The beta reader liked it, and thought I more or less “stuck the landing” with the series end.

In the promotional realm, I was on the local Pop Culture Kaboom radio show in December.

I posted an interview on the Awesome Gang in early February.

Just this week, I had an interview on the 5 Dimension Press newsletter with Joan Schweighardt. My publishing company, Beagle Bay, put out her early book GUDRUN’S TAPESTRY many years ago. It was the most amazing submission I ever received. Still gives me chills to recall it. Anyway, it was fun connecting with her.

On a personal note, Lewisbeagle, the dog we adopted/adopted us 10 years ago passed away at the first of the month from an aggressive sarcoma. Lewis was the 3rd beagle we’ve owned – each a distinct personality. Lewis liked walks and chasing the postal person. He never seemed to care too much for books, as our previous beagle, and founding Chief Barking Officer, Bertie, did.




Don’t forget to pick up your copies of my Heirs to Camelot series before the final one comes out!

The Midsummer Wife (Book 1)





The Solstice Bride (Book 2)





The Priestess of Camelot (prequel)






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