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I’m thrilled to reveal the final cover of THE SOLSTICE BRIDE, Book 2 of the Heirs to Camelot series. Vagabondage Press/Strange Fictions will be launching it in a couple of weeks.

Tagline: Ravenna, Queen Ava’s daughter by Harper, joins her half-brother Falke Drunemeton to defeat Morgaine, masquerading as Queen Ava, to restore Britain to its proper path.

Summary: In this, the second book in The Heirs to Camelot series, the worst has occurred: Ava has been taken over by Morgaine during the Healing and now Britain is ruled by a cruel tyrant queen. She has killed Harper Drunemeton, and destroyed Ron Steadbye’s will, turning him into an alcoholic figurehead.  The only person who can save the Goddess’ plan is a reluctant Falke Drunemeton, who pledged he would accomplish what Ava could not, if all went wrong. His only allies in the plan are his supposed half-sister, Ravenna, and the resistance of psychic adepts led by Priestess Tami McKnight. As hundreds of psi-sensitive people disappear,  it quickly becomes apparent that Britain is not the evil monarch’s end-game–she wants nothing less than to rule Earth itself. And then another player arises, and he is even worse than the queen!

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And don’t forget the previous books in the series:

THE MIDSUMMER WIFE received a wonderful 5 star review from author Leo McBride, who said in part: “The Midsummer Wife is a dystopian sci-fi Arthurian romance. Yup. All of those…. The opening chapter of this book may be one of the best openings I’ve read in a long time. It’s taut, pacy, and introduces us to an assured and determined Ava. Except that’s just a mask – in truth, she’s beset by anxiety and agoraphobia, a fractured soul trying to hide her weaknesses because she knows the fate of the country, perhaps the world, rests on her shoulders.”

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THE PRIESTESS OF CAMELOT also received a 5 star review from Melissa Brus of Paranormal Romance Review: “Wow. Ok. I read the first book in this series, and it was good. But this prequel is outstanding. I wish I had read this first to be honest. From the first sentence Simonds pulls you into a fantastic narrative. The characters are well rounded and the adventures that ensue are intriguing and fun to follow. This book follows the life of Anya, a young girl who is chosen by the Goddess. Her life intertwines with Arthur and Merlin and all the stories surrounding Avalon and Camelot. Seeing the story of their lives in this new way is both new and sentimental for fans of Arthurian legends. Simonds so cleverly shows the humanity of these legendary people as they make choices that will forever change the world. Simonds touches on everything, from the sword in the stone legend to the quest for the chalice. I definitely recommend reading this prequel before reading Midsummer Wife. The generational responsibilities that are so pivotal in the first book are explained and rooted in much of what happens in the prequel. As such, I am now going to re-read that book. I think I will enjoy it more now that I have all the fascinating detail of this one.”

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