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An update on the progress toward getting Book 2: THE SOLSTICE BRIDE out. My publisher has not been well, so things have slowed down over at Vagabondage Press. I hope you will join me in sending them well-wishes and positive healing energy!

I just sent them the updated manuscript, and they will be going through the book for the rough edits this month. So this means it’s likely we won’t be putting out SB until May or June.

This pushes the final book (which I am currently ripping apart and re-writing/editing/assembling), MISTRESS OF THE ROSE MOON, to late 2019 or maybe even 2020. We had hoped to get all the books out quickly so-as not to have interest wane in the series, but this is the best we can do.

Meantime, a look at the tagline and summary for THE SOLSTICE BRIDE

Tagline: Ravenna, Queen Ava’s daughter by Harper, joins her half-brother Falke Drunemeton to defeat Morgaine, masquerading as Queen Ava, and restore Britain to its proper path.

Summary: In this, the second book in The Heirs to Camelot series, the worst has occurred: Ava has been taken over by Morgaine during the Healing and now Britain is ruled by a cruel tyrant queen. She has killed Harper Drunemeton, and destroyed Ron Steadbye’s will, turning him into an alcoholic figurehead.  The only person who can save the Goddess’ plan is a reluctant Falke Drunemeton, who pledged he would accomplish what Ava could not, if all went wrong. His only allies in the plan are his supposed half-sister, Ravenna, and the resistance of psychic adepts led by Priestess Tami McKnight. As hundreds of psi-sensitive people disappear,  it quickly becomes apparent that Britain is not the evil monarch’s end-game–she wants nothing less than to rule Earth itself. And then another player arises, and he is even worse than the queen!

THE MIDSUMMER WIFE received a wonderful 5 star review from author Leo McBride, who said in part: “The Midsummer Wife is a dystopian sci-fi Arthurian romance. Yup. All of those…. The opening chapter of this book may be one of the best openings I’ve read in a long time. It’s taut, pacy, and introduces us to an assured and determined Ava. Except that’s just a mask – in truth, she’s beset by anxiety and agoraphobia, a fractured soul trying to hide her weaknesses because she knows the fate of the country, perhaps the world, rests on her shoulders.”

I’ll admit, that one made me just a trifle weepy!



THE PRIESTESS OF CAMELOT also received a r star review from Linda Romer. She said:”I loved The Priestess of Camelot! The Legends of King Arthur told from the Authors point of view. Anya a priestess that serves the goddess tells her part in this informative and adventurous read. I enjoyed reading about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Merlin was amazing and the evil Morgaine was terrifying. Learning about the Pagan and Druid rituals was interesting. Can’t wait for book 1 The Midsummer Wife. I loved the way the Author, through Anya had fun asking you, the reader, how you feel along the way.I give The Priestess of Camelot 5 stars for its amazing read. I would recommend this book to everyone!”

Slowly but surely, the books are getting noticed!

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