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I got my first 5 star review for THE MIDSUMMER WIFE from JRBrondingsBookReviews!

“A nuclear attack on London has devastated everything but it has also triggered the decedent’s of King Arthur and Merlin to return to fulfill the prophecy. Ava Cerdwin is the high priestess that is in charge of helping find and assist the heirs to reclaim their place in this new world. But Ava has her own issues to fight with. But just as Arthur and Merlin arise, so too does Morgaine. Morgaine is not just going to sit back and let the prophecy run, she is going to do everything to keep the three from succeeding.

“I admit that I don’t know much about the Arthurian legend except snippets from television and movies. So I easily got into this story and thought it was a great retelling of what I knew. Of course you have a great modern twist and how can you not like Ava. She is a relatable character and even though she tries her hardest it seems what can go wrong will.

“I think this was a great start to the series and I’m really curious to see what it is going from here. I am also curious to read the original telling of King Arthur to see what I am missing. Oh, I do have to say that I am absolutely in love with this cover. So beautiful and eye catching.”

Privately she wrote: “just LOVE the book and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!”

Mary Woldering posted an interview she did with Ava Cerdwen, the main character in THE MIDSUMMER WIFE. It’s about mid-way down her blog.

Working Title Blog–a terrific writers’ blog co-authored by Jane Jago and E.M. Swifthook–will post a review with me on July 30.

I am meeting with a reporter for the Reno News and Review this evening for an interview. That should appear in the August edition.

Strange Fictions Press alerted me that I should receive the first look at the cover of THE PRIESTESS OF CAMELOT, due out August 28, next week. I’m so excited.

Further news from SFP: We have set release dates for Book 2 THE SOLSTICE BRIDE for January 2019, and Book 3 MISTRESS OF THE ROSE MOON for Midsummer Day, 2019! Both books are completed, and I am sending SOLSTICE in for the first round of edits this week.

Things are moving swiftly!

THE MIDSUMMER WIFE is available on Amazon
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