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THE MIDSUMMER WIFE received its first review, and got 4.5 stars!

“I went into this thinking that I knew enough of the myth and legend to compare this modern tale. This was a whole new twist on the classic tale that I knew growing up. Ava is a High Priestess who is doing all that is in her power to find the heroes needed to save London from attack. There is a lot getting in her way to reach her goals. But it is not only heroes and wizards that have come through the ages. It is old foes and the dark magic they bring with them. This is an Arthurian legend for the newest generation. It was worth the read and I am looking for[ward] to see what happens in novel two.” ~Destiny Bridwell, From the Book Reviewers Desk

Denise Fleischer of Gotta Write Network – who reviewed my first book, CAPTAIN MARY BUCCANEER – invited me to do a guest post.  I wrote about returning to writing after nearly 15 years since my last book.

J.Crawford Steele kindly included me in her Galaxy of Authors interviews. We talked about banning books, independent publishing, the plotter v. pantser debate – and a lot more!

Author Mary Woldering interviewed me about writing (about midway through the post). Next week, she will post an interview with the main character from MIDSUMMER WIFE, Ava Cerdwen.

Working Title Blog–a terrific writers’ blog co-authored by Jane Jago and E.M. Swifthook–will post a review with me on July 30.

We had a sale on Indie Author Day and the book briefly hit #11 on Amazon’s “Metaphysical Fantasy” list.

And Strange Fictions Press is finalizing the launch of the prequel in August. What I had been calling “The Book of Anya” or “The Healer of Camelot” is now titled THE PRIESTESS OF CAMELOT. E. M. Swift-Hook kindly blurbed it thusly:

“Drawing on the rich panoply of British history, myths and legends, THE PRIESTESS OF CAMELOT weaves its tapestry from threads of traditional tales and imaginative fiction. [The book blends] Celtic mystery, magic, romance, and spiritual growth, with dark-age dangers, intrigue, and lust for revenge. A unique and refreshing take on the Arthurian story. Follow it with your heart.”~ E.M. Swift-Hook, co-author of the Dai and Julia alternate history mysteries.


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