Book Review: STARSWEPT by Mary Fan


STARSWEPT is an entirely unexpected novel. Although “Science Fiction Romance” is an emerging genre, there aren’t too many that are crafted so well, with such a terrific amount of world-building and greater plot.

This is very much a three act libretto (Ms. Fan is an opera buff). Act One starts with fairly simple elements: girl meets (star)boy. Girl is also a trained musician struggling to become the best in her school.

Act Two takes us to the realization of her dreams, and the revelation that those dreams were chimera. She discovers a vast and terrible secret. And her beloved has vanished!

Act Three sees our ingenue transform into a hero in her own right, as she wins back the boy, and begins a new journey (that will take us to a new book).

I don’t recall a “Romance” with structure, world-building, and social observations as keen as this since THE HUNGER GAMES. This may be Fan’s breakout book.

It is no secret I have been a “fan” of author Mary Fan’s for quite some time. She is a writer with talent and vision that merits watching. I’ve no doubt she will be well-known very soon.

Disclosure: The publisher provided a advance review copy to me.

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