Sound the trumpets!

My novel THE MIDSUMMER WIFE: Book One of the HEIRS TO CAMELOT has been picked up by Vagabondage Press and they will be publishing it in February 2018.

It’s The Time Foretold, and Ava Cerdwen, the twenty-one-year-old High Priestess of the Sisterhood, knows she must go and assist the heirs of King Arthur and Merlin to return and heal Britain devastated by a nuclear blast that decimated the country. But the constant panic attacks and agoraphobia she suffers make it an even more daunting task than it seems.

Nothing goes as planned: the Heirs don’t trust her, the government doesn’t believe her, the panic attacks and weirdly erotic nightmares are getting worse, and then the Goddess tells her Morgaine will probably defeat her when she attempts to make come to fruition the Plan set out 1500 years ago.

Somehow, some way, she has to make it happen. Or Britain is finished… and maybe Earth.

Stay tuned for more news!


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